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Why Support Us?

The Philippines Kinder School needs support! 

It is a school for the poorest children. This means that they do not have clean water, healthy and appropriate food, necessities like clothing and dental care products. They lack teaching resources such as textbooks.You can trust us that all donated products will go straight to the Philippines on the next mission trip. 


The kids there are grateful for whatever we can offer. For example for a Christmas present one girl got a hair clip and she has cherished that one present since and will for the rest of her life.   

Donating makes such a big difference to the Kinder School. Their most treasured assets are a sense of family value, faith and religion.

 You can get involved by donating to the Kinder School​. You could also contact the Good Sams Foundation to find out how to make even more of a difference to these children's lives.

Our mission is to make the lives of these children more enjoyable and to raise awareness for the Kinder School. Most people do not know about it and there are so many things which can be done.

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